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Dining Room Layouts to Dazzle Your Guests

                  With the holidays approaching, 'tis the season to entertain in the dining room. Whether planning an intimate dinner party or a larger soirée, the layout of your dining room can dictate the atmosphere and ambiance of your gathering. Discover some of our favorite dining room layouts…
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Timeless Accents to Include in Your Country Kitchen

A country kitchen has a timeless look that evokes comfort and warmth. A country kitchen has a classic atmosphere that can appeal to a variety of guests. Discover timeless accents to include in your country kitchen. Color Accents A country kitchen often contains pops of pastel colors to brighten the space. Curtains, pillows, and accent…
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Three Top Considerations for a Custom Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is a perfect addition to any wine-lover’s home. A custom wine cellar can contain temperature and humidity controls to help your favorite selections maintain their quality as they mature. Whether you are converting a room in your basement to a wine cellar, creating a wine room above ground on your main floor,…
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