3 Popular New England Architectural Styles

The quintessential charm of a classic New England home never loses its appeal.  Traditional New England home styles still appeal to today's homeowners. We are still trying to capture the warmth and elegance of this popular architectural style. Today we want to introduce you to three of these popular New England architectural styles.

Country Club Homes Portfolio Interiors Wilton C T

Country Club Homes Portfolio Interiors Wilton C T

Colonial Period- Dating back from a period roughly in 1600 through the early 19th century, this period is marked by a focus on symmetry and is rich in embellishments. These homes often contain steep roofs, central chimneys and leaded glass windows.

Greek Revival- The demand for Greek furniture and design started at the beginning of the 19th century. Characteristics of this style include low pitched roofs, elaborate cornices, classic columns, large windows and doors, and exterior frieze work.

Victorian Style- The Victorian style is easiest for most people to recognize and is still very popular in America and England.  The elaborate Victorian style is characterized by patterned shingles, spindles and curved towers. There are many variations on the basic style, within this category.

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