Add a Chemical-Free Swimming Pool to Your New England Home

Many homeowners love the thought of a backyard pool but aren't as keen on the chemicals traditional pools require. An alternative to using these chemicals is to install a natural swimming pool.
all natural pool design
Traditional Pool by Portland Maine Pools & Spas Robins Nest Aquatics via Houzz
A natural swimming pool utilizes a carefully designed wetland of gravel and aquatic plants to filter the area in a regeneration zone. The depth and size of this specially designed zone is determined by the overall volume of water that must be cleaned. The planted regeneration zone is shallower than the swimming area and the clean water naturally flows down to the swimming zone. A natural swimming pool promotes a healthy backyard by creating a unique ecosystem and habitat where plants and animals naturally thrive.

There are many different design options for a natural swimming pool. Some pools are surrounded by wood or tile decking, others have a sloping entry from the yard, and homeowners can choose to surround the pool with natural-looking landscaping. The style of natural swimming pool you choose is determined by your available space, materials you select, and the overall design of the yard.
chemical free pool design
Contemporary Pool by King City Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Genus Loci Ecological Landscapes Inc. via Houzz
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