All the World’s a Stage, So Why Not Add One to Your Bonus Room?

If you have family members that love to sing, dance, and act you should consider adding a stage to your home. We can think of no better way to celebrate their talents than to construct a custom stage in your bonus room perfect for every home performance. Our favorite home stage ideas include:

  • Adding media Why not create a stage that does double duty? Consider adding a large screen at the back of the stage for movie night that stays safely tucked behind curtains during live performances.

Traditional Home Theater by Wilton Design-Build Firms Country Club Homes

  • Elevating the stage If your bonus room has high ceilings you should take advantage of this space by elevating the stage. Building it up, adding stairs on either side, and creating custom storage below the stage for props and sets is a great way to bring a theater experience into your home.

Eclectic Basement via Houzz

  •  Keeping it whimsical Don't take the stage too seriously! Add whimsy to the area by wiring the stage for cool lighting effects or building in custom sets that can be used over and over again.

Traditional Home Theater by Los Angeles Home Media Design & Installation Bliss Home Theaters & Automation, Inc
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