Carolyn’s Tips on Hiring a Builder

Once you've decided that a new custom home is something you'd like to invest in, hiring a qualified builder is the next logical step in making your homeownership dreams come true.

Why even hire a builder?

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First of all, a professional builder will make the entire process much easier for you over the length of the project. Sure, there are always unforeseeable problems when it comes to deadlines, deliveries and of course Mother Nature, but the right builder will know how to tackle those problems as they arise.

A custom home builder will afford you a wealth of benefits. Most importantly, you'll be able to enjoy a beautiful home that's built to your liking and properly designed from the ground up. And you won't have to worry about haggling with vendors when it comes to windows, roofing, flooring, fixtures, etc. You can sit back and let your builder handle it all.

Once you know that you need a builder, it is imperative that you do the research necessary to enlist a trustworthy and qualified one. Carolyn Wheeler, a Principal in Country Club Homes, put together this comprehensive list of tips for hiring a builder that was recently published on  At Home in Fairfield County. Check it out here!

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