Choose the Right Drain for Your Shower

It may seem that choosing the right drain for the shower in your bathroom remodel is a small detail, but the right drain can make all the difference in your satisfaction with your finished shower. Here are just a few of your options:

Source: Bathroom via Houzz
Linear Drains – The drains are typically installed along the edge of the shower. In addition to providing superior drainage, the floor can be kept flat for a safer, more comfortable surface for your feet.

Source; ACO Systems, Ltd. via Houzz
Tile-Top Drains – For a polished look, consider one of these drains. They work just like traditional drains but the top is covered in matching tile and the water drains through an ungrouted edge.
Source: Country Club Homes
Point Drains – The standard drain that has been reliably used for over a century. They are particularly stylish compared to other drains, but they are the easiest and most cost-effective to install.

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