Consider the Practical Beauty of Cedar Roofs

Best known for their undeniable beauty, cedar roofs offer a host of other benefits to homeowners. They are incredibly durable, environmentally friendly, and stand up to even the worst weather conditions. If you're considering installing a cedar roof as part of your construction project take the time to understand the material before you begin.

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Source: Country Club Homes

Cedar roofs are typically constructed in one of two styles, shingles or shakes. Shingles are sawn on both sides and shakes are split by hand and then resawn for a rugged texture. Chose the style that best matches your home's overall exterior design. A cedar roof is incredibly durable when installed properly and may last up to 50 years. To maximize this durability make sure to hire roofing professionals with plenty of cedar roofing experience. Once the cedar roof is in place you need to commit to a regular maintenance schedule. Leaves and debris should be removed twice a year and the roof should be power washed every four years to prevent mold and fungus from growing.

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Source: Country Club Homes

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