Consider Using Mechanical Ventilation for Cleaner Air in Your Home

Mechanical ventilation offers homeowners technology that provides high quality indoor air, increases energy efficiency, decreases airborne pollutants, and reduces the likelihood of respiratory problems. A residential mechanical ventilation system will also extract stale air, recover heat using a heat exchange core, and transfer this recovered heat to the fresh incoming air.

Homeowners often have a lot of questions about the use of mechanical ventilation and how the system will impact the other parts of the home. Many of our clients are surprised to learn that:

  • A mechanical ventilation system won't prevent you from opening windows and letting fresh air enter the home naturally.
  • A fireplace can still be an important part of your home's comfort as long as proper sealing and ventilation practices are followed.
  • If you like the cool breeze provided by a ceiling fan, you can continue its use with a mechanical ventilation system.
  • Most homeowners don't feel or hear anything while the mechanical ventilation system is providing clean air to the home.

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