Design Qualities of an Authentic Cape Cod Home

Are you a connoisseur of New England architectural styles? If you are, you will know the most popular styles are a blend Country Club Homes Authentic New England Cape Cod Homes of the colonial styles replicated from British residential architecture of the period, modified to adapt to the more harsh New England winters. The half-timbered cottage from 17th century England evolved into the one to one and a half storied Cape Cod house of Massachusetts. What are some of the design qualities of the authentic Cape Cod home?

Floor Plan: The simple and symmetrically arranged spaces on the interior of a Cape Cod house are noted for the use of wood molding throughout; including maple or oak crown molding, chair rails, wainscoting, and cabinetry painted white to brighten the interior.

Steep Roof: One of the most distinctive qualities of the New England Cape Cod style is the steep roof line, existing for the purpose of shedding snow quickly and efficiently before it accumulates and creates a heavy load of snow on the roof.

Other characteristics of the steep Cape Cod roof are the small overhang, symmetrical gabled dormers, shake or shingle roofing materials and a large central chimney on axis with the front door. An alternative chimney arrangement places either two or four matching chimneys on the outside walls.

Exterior Detailing: While Cape Cod homes with a brick exterior can be found, the Cape Cod home was usually clad in horizontally-hung wide wood clapboard or wood shingles. Symmetrically located windows are normally double-hung, sometimes with working wooden.

Country Club Homes Authentic New England Cape Cod Homes

This New England home designed by Country Club Homes has many authentic Cape Cod features.

As a New England resident living in Fairfield County, CT, what are some of the design qualities of an authentic Cape Cod home that you especially enjoy? The modern Cape Cod has many similarities with the original, such as a full second floor added to accommodate a large family.

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