Does Your Fairfield County Home Need a Dramatic Indoor Pool and Rec. Room?

Let's face it. The New England winters can be long and relentless. You want to enjoy a swimming pool year-round in the privacy of your  home. Building an indoor pool will enable you to bring some of nature inside.  Why not create the perfect indoor oasis and take the beauty of your custom built home to a whole new level.  Today we will share some stunning examples of dramatic indoor pools.

Photo courtesy of nickdeclercq via Flickr

Because a pool holds such a large volume of water, you will have to control humidity in your pool room, and in adjacent areas.  You have to keep the humidity low to prevent condensation from forming on indoor surfaces. This why the planning stages are so critical when designing your indoor pool.

If you think your pool has to be a certain shape, such as the typical rectangular shape - think again! Once you have decided on placement of your pool,  you can get creative on design. For instance, you could have the pool overflow its rim into a beautiful garden.

Another popular indoor pool design idea is to have one part of your pool outdoors and one part indoors. Glass doors could be fashioned to close over the middle.

What is the biggest consideration to building an indoor pool? The cost of building an indoor pool is what discourages most homeowners from choosing indoor pools. The experts at Country Country Club Homes Fairfield County Connecticut luxury home builder indoor gym poolsClub Homes in Wilton will carefully review all the costs with you when designing your indoor pool. Country Club Homes is one of the area’s leading custom home-builders in Fairfield County, in business since 1955.

Country Club Homes has extensive experience designing and building large interior recreational spaces such as the indoor basketball court shown in the image to the left.

The New England winter is rapidly approaching.  Start planning your own private, indoor pool paradise! Do you have indoor pool ideas you would like to discuss for your home?

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