Fairfield County Connecticut Pool House Designs You Will Love

With the warm days of summer wrapping up, are you making any plans for home or outdoor living projects to tackle over the fall and winter? Now is the best time to plan in preparation for next year's spring, summer and fall seasons spent poolside at your Fairfield County, Connecticut home.

Country Club Homes, Inc is experienced in designing and building gorgeous residential architecture throughout Fairfield County, CT. It has been our experience that the addition of a pool house provides opportunity to strengthen the visual appeal and overall architectural style of your estate, seamlessly integrating outdoor living facilities and guest space with your home's architecture.

Country-Club-Homes inc-fairfield-county-ct-Outdoor-living-pool-house-design-new-home-2Do you have a home pool you’ve enjoyed this summer that would make a great site for fall parties, with the addition of a large fireplace and covered kitchen?

An outdoor living area equipped with a kitchen; and comfortable seating, dining and dressing areas makes a great location to spend time with family and friends during many months of the year.

Country-Club-Homes inc-fairfield-county-ct-Outdoor-living-pool-house-design-new-home-2And, if you are adding a pool house, consider tucking in a few guest rooms and small private kitchen for those special guests.

Country-Club-Homes inc-fairfield-county-ct-Outdoor-living-pool-house-design-new-home-2

Country-Club-Homes inc-fairfield-county-ct-Outdoor-living-pool-house-design-new-home-2There are many interesting ways to incorporate pool house designs into larger estate plans near or far from the main home, and some even become extensions to the main residence.

We hope you have enjoyed these images of our pool house design from home builder Country Club Homes, Inc. in Fairfield County, Connecticut. You may contact us today at 203.762.0550 for more information about County Club Homes, Inc.

Images from the Country Club Home Pool House Portfolio