Fairfield County Green Home Building Facts

What is green home building? A green home is a home that is designed, built, and operated in an ecologically sensitive manner, without compromising comfort or quality of life. The building materials, systems and methods of construction that have been employed to construct the building, maximize three things:

  • The use of sustainable materials
  • Resource and construction process efficiency
  • Energy efficient building systems and materials

Why build a green home? There are a number of very sound reasons to build a green home, chief amongst them being the desire to conserve non-renewable natural resources. Some of the other good reasons to build a green home include:

  • To reduce the homeowner's dependence on fossil fuels, and promote clean air
  • To reduce direct heat gain and wind velocity with passive solar design strategies
  • To improve comfort within the home by using better insulation and envelope systems
  • To promote cleaner air with less mold and mildew, and fewer chemicals
  • To save money on overall energy costs

How do I get started on building a green home? If you are interested in building a custom new home that is eco-friendly and uses sustainable materials and building methods, contact our company, Country Club Homes, Inc.

Country Club Homes has been one of the leading custom homebuilders in Fairfield County for many years. We are committed to designing and building sustainable and environmentally responsible architecture, and will provide you with the guidance and expertise you need to bring your green home building plans to fruition. Please visit the 'Green and Energy-efficient Building' page on our website for more information. You may contact Country Club Homes by telephone at 203.762.0550. To view images of new custom Fairfield County homes built by Country Club Homes, Inc., please view our online portfolio.

Image Source: Country Club Homes, Inc Portfolio