Guidelines for Selecting White Marble Counters

Are you a fan of Italian white marble counters? Italian white marble is one of the most popular countertop and backsplash choices in kitchens today, but, how much do most people really know about it? The gallery images below include a lovely kitchen with a marble countertop from our Country Club Homes, Inc. luxury home portfolio.

Country Club Homes, Inc. recently uncovered an excellent article about Italian white marble, with some very interesting and useful guidelines to guide kitchen designers and homeowners through the selection process of Italian white marble for counters. Here are a few helpful facts from the article:

The three primary types of white marble are Bianco Carrara, Statuary White, and Calacata; all quarried from the Carrara region of Northern Tuscany. All three are noted for their fine qualities of background whiteness and the color and movement of the veins.

The article states that, “Each marble type has its own special qualities, and the simplest way to tell these materials apart is to use the “Background and Vein Color” rule." The more expensive grades have the whiter and cleaner background and more evenly distributed veining. The demand for white marble far outstrips the supply. All are a product of nature and no two are alike.  Be sure to spend the time looking at the actual slabs, and once you find the one or ones that you like, mark it and don’t let it go.

For other important details about the variations between Bianco Carrara, Statuary White, and Calacata marbles; and slab fabrication, read the rest of the article – it’s interesting reading! If you are planning a new kitchen remodel, or a custom new home design; contact Country Club Homes, Inc. of Fairfield County, CT, for award winning architectural design expertise.

Images via and the Country Club Homes, Inc. Portfolio