How to Establish & Maintain Indoor Air Quality in Your CT Home

As a homeowner in Fairfield County, CT, have you ever wondered about the indoor air quality in your home?

Or, are you planning to build a custom new home, and interested in Country-Club-Homes-New-Canaan-CT-fairfield-county-green-building-luxury-new-home-air-qualitylearning about how to design a system that will establish and maintain a healthy level of indoor air quality in your Connecticut home?

A home with healthy indoor air meets green and energy efficient home building standards.

The Challenge
While we often hear commentary in the news or online about outdoor air quality issues such as airborne pollutants, smog and ozone; indoor air quality may be a much more significant problem.

Whether you have allergies or not, there are many indoor air quality issues that may impact your health. It is important to perform testing to establish and maintain the best level of air quality, possible.

Test to Evaluate Air Quality
Tests are available to monitor for the presence of carbon monoxide, radon, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemicals and other airborne irritants. These include commercially available carbon monoxide detectors, radon detection kits, mold test kits, etc.

Strategies to Correct Air Quality Problems
Take action to solve problems appropriately. It may require hiring an HVAC specialist to locate the source of harmful substances, and to help remove toxic gases, mold spores, etc.

1) Mechanical Solutions: Utilize various mechanical systems in the home to remove toxic or irritating substances and sources such as:

  • Ventilation systems maintain air-exchange rates and bring fresh air into the home
  • Air filtration systems clean the air before it circulates
  • Ultra-violet systems eliminate germs and bacteria
  • Humidification control systems to reduce mold

2) Organic and Natural Products: The use of low VOC products and organic chemicals will improve indoor air quality. Contrary to popular opinion, indoor plants do little to remove VOC’s from the air, and actually may contribute to indoor molds as a humidity source. says, “Even for those of us without allergies or sensitive respiratory systems, it's important to breathe clean air. And it's just as important to feel like your home is your sanctuary; something that can be difficult when you're worried about the air you breathe.” Consult with a local specialist, if you have questions about particular strategies for how to establish and maintain indoor air quality in your CT home.

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