Illuminate Your Living Room with These Tips

Short days in winter mean that natural sunlight is at a premium during the cold season. However, you can combat the darkness by finding creative and beautiful ways to illuminate your living room. Consider enhancing the lighting in your living room by adding:

Ambient lighting. Chandeliers, overhead lighting, and wall fixtures can provide a soft ambient glow to your living room.  Ambient lighting is the main source of illumination and typically, it will be the 1st light you turn on in a room.  These fixtures are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures and provide soft lighting while highlighting your personal style and the room's overall design. When planning a custom home or remodeling project, consider which parts of the room will receive the least natural light and make sure that space will include some ambient lighting.

The chandelier is a great example of ambient lighting

Source: Country Club Homes Inc.

Decorative lighting. If you want to add interest to a specific part of your living room's design, consider adding decorative lighting for a little extra sparkle. Decorative light also adds coziness and warmth and can truly personalize a space.  Sconces and hanging pendants are examples of decorative lighting.

Decorative Living Room Sconces

Source: Grady-O-Grady Construction & Development, Inc. (via Houzz)

Task lighting. Adding lighting to your room that is specific to a certain task increases the room's functionality. Floor lamps pointing downward are great for reading and table lamps on a writing desk help ensure you have plenty of light to work. 

Task Lighting on a Side Table

Source: sarah & bendrix (via Houzz)

During the planning process for your new living room, you should make sure that your living room has plenty of electrical outlets to accommodate whatever type of lighting you choose. To learn more creative home remodeling ideas, contact one of our talented professionals at Country Club Homes at 203-762-0550 or visit us at