Images & Pictures of Luxury Fairfield County Outdoor Living Areas

At Country Club HomCountry-Club-Homes-New-Canaan-wilton-CT-fairfield-county-luxury-renovation-construction-outdoor-livinges, Inc. it has been our pleasure over the years to work with many families who have completed a remodeling or renovation to their Fairfield County, CT. homes and outdoor living areas.

With the arrival of the fall season here in southwestern Connecticut, many homeowners are reviewing their outdoor living and entertainment areas in preparation for making renovations or additions as they anticipate enjoyable spring, summer and fall outdoor events next year.

Country Club Homes, Inc designs and builds outdoor living areas that sensitively incorporate the architectural details of your estate, landscape design and your lifestyle -- to create an exquisite outdoor experience.


Do you have memories of great times spent this at gatherings of family and friends? These recollections may motivate you to begin to visualize how you can modify your outdoor living and kitchen areas to expand spatially, or add new features or amenities in preparation for next year.

Country-Club-Homes-New-Canaan-wilton-CT-fairfield-county-luxury-renovation-construction-outdoor-living-5Outdoor living features such as cooking and entertainment centers, dining and seating areas, and fire pits or fireplaces significantly expand your ability to entertain and make memories around the fire in the evening or at special gatherings.


You may consider adding a covered, enclosed or screened porch that is connected to your home or in association with a pool to expand your ability to entertain during varied weather conditions.


Country Club Homes, Inc.  has been a leading Fairfield County custom home builder since 1955. If you are seeking a Fairfield County home building company with a solid track record of HOBI award-winning design, contact Country Club Homes at our website, or by telephone at 203-762-0550.

Image source: Country Club Homes Inc. Portfolio