July New England Home Style of the Month: Gothic Revival

Gothic architecture rose to popularity from the 12th to the 16th centuries and was primarily used in European religious construction. 200 years later the rise of the gothic revival era signaled a shift in the design style to residential structures in both Europe and the United States. This architectural style was known for its asymmetry and featured designs that presented an idealized representation of medieval Europe. In the United States Gothic revival homes were most often found in the northeastern states where the style was popularized.

Eclectic Exterior by Boston Architects & Building Designers Polhemus Savery DaSilva via Houzz

Typical features of Gothic revival homes include:

Eclectic Entry by Austin Architects & Building Designers Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects via Houzz

    • Steeply pitched roofs with deep overhanging eaves.
    • Vertical exterior siding in the "board-and-batten"style.
    • Tall, slim chimneys.
    • Asymmetrical layouts, including L-shaped and side gabled designs.
    • Exposed rafters and open cornices.
    • Large porches that encompass the entire front of the home.
    • Gothic motifs, decorative crowns, and pointed arches on exterior doors.
    • Turrets, towers, and gables with pointed arches.
    • Finials and intricate ornamentation on windows, doors, porches, and exterior trim.

Eclectic Exterior by Burlingame Photographers Dennis Mayer, Photographer via Houzz

Gothic revival is just one of the many home styles found throughout New England. Contact us at Country Club Homes, call 203-762-0550 or visit us at www.countryclubhomesinc.com to learn more about the the different styles of custom homes in Fairfield County.