Keep the Space Under Your Stairs Performing for You

If you're searching for a bit more storage in your home you may want to consider putting the space under your stairs to work. This spot in the house may be the prime location to add shelving, cabinetry, or customized storage. Our favorite ways to use this space include:

Contemporary Staircase by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators ACRE Goods + Services via Houzz

  • Adding open shelving- Open shelving can be added to any space and within any dimensions. Before you finalize the shelving installation make sure you determine exactly what you plan to store to make sure the dimensions are accurate.
Keep the Space Under Your Stairs Performing for You

Beach Style Staircase by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Tom Stringer Design Partners via Houzz

  • Installing pull-out cabinets- Rolling cabinets will add plenty of storage space while still maintaining a sleek appearance. Consider adding pull-out cabinets designed for shoe storage, winter coats, or pet essentials.
Keep the Space Under Your Stairs Performing for You

Traditional Home Office by Toronto Photographers Leslie Goodwin Photography via Houzz

  • Creating a mini-study- A narrow desk fits perfectly under many staircases. You can put this space to even better use by creating a technology hub for the entire family. Place your wi-fi router, printer, and a mobile charging station under the stairs to keep all of your technology needs in one space.

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