Kids’ Bedrooms That are Kickin’

Interested in seeing some kids’ bedrooms that are kickin’ with excitement, functionality and creativity? The interior design possibilities for creating a child’s bedroom are endless, but the styles are dramatically different depending on the child’s age. The goal is to create a kid’s bedroom space that has the following features:

  • A space that a child can uniquely call their own;
  • It will have the capability of organizing and storing toys, games, clothes, and much more;
  • A space that is warm, cozy and interesting, whether big or small;
  • A bedroom space that will meet the entertainment and technological needs of a child who is also a student.

Check out the following images that illustrate some of the possibilities for design and functionality for kickin’ kids bedrooms.

It's Got Personality, Light, Storage and Action. Any Kid Would Love It!

Custom Wall Graphics and a Coordinated Area Rug Define the Space

Sliding Doors Open Up This Room to Make a Big Playroom

To see a bunch more images, visit the interesting HGTV gallery article highlighting 15 easy updates for kids’ bedrooms. If you like the look of these rooms and are planning to renovate or build a custom new home in the Fairfield County, Connecticut area, contact Country Club Homes, Inc by telephone at 203.762.0550.

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