Lots O’Books… in the Kitchen?

Take a peak inside any home office and you're sure to find at least one shelf full of books. But what about a display of books in the kitchen?

Believe it or not, the kitchen is a great place to integrate bookshelves, especially for the use of all of those cookbooks you've collected over the years. The point is, having books in the kitchen is just one of the many ways you can show off your personality in your home design. It'll be sure to catch the eye of everyone who walks into your kitchen!

Country Club Homes

There are plenty of ways to think about how to add books in the kitchen:

  • Above the Counter – For easy access to a collection of cookbooks, shelving above the countertop is ideal. It'll be easy to grab and put back without ever having to leave your cooking prep space.
  • By the Window – Spaces underneath or near kitchen windows are sometimes difficult to figure out how to design. A bookcase could be the perfect fit for this tricky area.
  • Kitchen Island –One of the coolest ways to incorporate books in the kitchen is with the island. Because islands are normally associated with storage and/or seating, this will be a welcome unexpected design touch. This works especially great if the island happens to face the living space.

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Image: Houzz