‘Must Haves’ for Your New Fairfield County Custom Home

With over 50 years in the custom and luxury home building business here in Fairfield County, CT, Country Club Homes, Inc. has seen hundreds of home trends become fashionable, and then quickly disappear. This is due to stylistic preferences, economic fluctuations, new product development, and many more factors.  While there are some classic trends Country Club Homes Wilton New Canaan Fairfield County Connecticut luxury home builder customthat will endure, many popular trends gradually fade – clearing a path for new products, styles and ideas.

A recent Real Estate MSN.com article highlights a few essential new home features, stressing the importance of including these in any set of new home plans.

“A new home can bring years of happiness, but regrets often surface once the project is done. There's longing for more storage space and a laundry room near the bedrooms, for example. Sometimes, there are must-haves that aren't completed or considered beforehand, ”notes the Real Estate MSN.com article.

The article identifies the following as essentials:

  • Insulation: Make sure the plans call for the right type of insulation, in the right quantity, installed in the necessary places; then inspect before covering up with finishing material to make sure it is installed as specified.
  • Extra Outlets and Cable: Install outlets and cable as needed for future energy conservation, home entertainment or home automation upgrades.
  • Heating and Cooling Systems: Oversee the specification and construction of the heating and cooling systems to make sure they are sized right, installed correctly and adjusted properly. This is critical to achieve the satisfactory level of comfort you are seeking to find in your new home.  The Real Estate MSN.com article says, “Depending on how your house was built, retrofitting a central heating system could become cost-prohibitive very quickly.”
  • Outside Outlets and Faucets: A common new home oversight is too few outdoor outlets and faucets; plan ahead to include enough electrical outlets and water faucets (or water sources) for landscaping and outdoor living.

Check out the article for more excellent new home suggestions. Now is a great time to build a new home and to incorporate these and other smart new home trends and design concepts into your plans.  If you are interested in building a new Connecticut home, please contact Country Club Homes, Inc. via our website at www.countryclubhomesinc.com or by telephone at 203-762-0550.

Image via the Country Club Homes, Inc. Portfolio