No Matter Your Design Preferences, Make Sure Your Home is Functional First

When designing a custom home it's easy to get wrapped up in the creative options for decorating and expressing your personal style. But first, we recommend you assess and address the home's function and your specific needs to ensure it's the perfect fit for your family.

  • Stick to the plan- It's essential to have a plan for your home that focuses on the function of the individual spaces. Take the time to evaluate your family's specific needs and lifestyle to create an interior design plan that maximizes function.
  • Design around function- Start with the functional design of a space and then move to accessories and creative touches. This is important as your tastes change over time. If you can keep the same functional design of a space it is far easier to just update the color palette, accessories, window treatments, and rugs.
  • Create value- The resale value of a home is often found in its function. Prospective buyers are looking for a home that meets their family's needs and can be decorated to match their specific style.

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