Prepare for Your New Countertop Installation with These Tips

Most kitchen renovations involve replacing countertops throughout the space. Because the countertops are a focal point of the room's design, the installation must go smoothly. Before the installation begins there are several things that should be done to prepare. Make sure to:

Countertop Materials

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  • Choose a suitable material. There are a wide variety of countertop materials to choose from. Do your research and ensure that the material you choose will be compatible with your family's needs and lifestyle.  Such as if it is durable, easy to clean, etc.
  • Consider the sink and faucet. You should plan for the type of sink and faucet that will be installed in the kitchen. Confirm with your designer and contractor that the sink and faucet will work with the countertop material being installed.  Also, the sink can be integrated into your chosen countertop material.
  • Account for overhang. If any portion of your countertop will extend past the cabinetry, you should verify that they will have enough support. If brackets are necessary to support the countertop, choose a style that matches the overall design of the kitchen.
Kitchen Island with Countertops

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