Remember the Essentials, When Building Your New Fairfield County Home

News sources from across the country have been publishing ongoing reports of increases in consumer income and spending around the US. Due to the encouraging financial news, many residents are building new Fairfield County homes at this time.

The home builders at Country Club Homes, Inc. enjoy sharing our expertise and bringing various sources of information to your attention that will assist you in the selection of different features and strategies for designing and building your new home.

If you are building a new Fairfield County home, you may find the recent Real Estate article, “Building your first home? 10 must-haves” of interest. Designing and detailing a new home can be an enjoyable and exciting process, but it may be stressful as well.

You realize that decisions you make now are ones you will have to live with for a long time, so it is a good time to evaluate all of your options, and double-check that everything goes according to plan as you proceed. The Real Estate article identifies things to consider when drawing up plans or working with your homebuilder to be sure to avoid post-construction regrets. Some of the items mentioned in the article include:

  • A critical element in energy-efficient building, home insulation must be installed properly. Be sure to inspect all insulation before it is covered up.
  • Electrical conduit for future home automation or energy efficiency upgrades should be run during construction to save expensive retrofits later.
  • Installing laundry facilities close to sleeping areas, or considering adding a second laundry room where convenient may save regrets later about having to travel a distance with laundry.
  • Review the specs, details and efficiency of your new HVAC system during the design phase. The author of the Real Estate article shares the following comment, “Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are essential to comfort in your home. If built right the first time, with an eye toward energy-efficiency, it can be a boon to your wallet, as well.”

Check out the article for more exCountry-Club-Homes-New-Canaan-CT-fairfield-county-green-building-luxury-new-homecellent suggestions. Now is a great time to build a new home and to incorporate these and other essential good home building practices and concepts in your design. If you are interested in building a new custom home in Fairfield County, Connecticut, please contact Country Club Homes, Inc. via our website at or by telephone to 203-762-0550, to discuss your plans.

Image via Country Club Homes, Inc. Portfolio