Remodeling Ideas That’ll Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Gaining more living space in your home is not always about increasing the actual square-footage. Often times, remodeling a room so that it can serve double duty can effectively make your home seem a lot bigger and more functional. Here are some suggestions for remodeling your home to appear larger without actually adding on to it:

Convert the Dining Room – Especially in homes that have eat-in kitchens and an outdoor dining area, the dining room is often just a showpiece. If you only use your dining room once or twice a year, it might be time to consider making better use of all that space. It's easy to convert a dining room into work or play space, and you can renovate it to include necessary built-in storage.

open plan

Open Your Space – If you have an older home with boxy rooms, you can make it feel so much larger by converting to an open floor plan.  Consider renovating to remove any walls that don't provide necessary support or pipes.  You can even add interior windows to walls that you don't want or are unable to remove entirely.

office closet

Source: Houzz

Add a Home Office in a Closet – Home offices are often used solely for work so, unless you use yours for meeting clients, they don't usually need to be large. The extra downstairs closet can be renovated to include power and a built-in desk designed specifically for the space.

attic room

Finish Spaces – If you have an unfinished basement or attic, these are perfect opportunities to increase the livable space of your home without creating a whole new addition.

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