Round It Out: Using Curvilinear Architecture in Your Home Design

Take a quick look at your home's architecture. Do you see mostly box-like forms and strong, straight lines? Most homes in our country are dominated by straight line architecture even though rounded lines and curvilinear architecture provide visual interest and create interesting spaces.

How can curvilinear architecture be used successfully in your home?

    • Outdoor living spaces When you're ready to renovate a terrace or balcony consider adding smooth curves. These curved lines will soften the home's exterior architecture with a nod to art deco design.

Traditional Patio via Houzz

    • Rounded corners Simply rounding some of the corners in your home, either in a doorway or where walls meet, will add dimension and depth. These rounded corners force light in a different direction and make the space visually interesting.

Traditional Kitchen via Houzz

    • Curved rooflines When you're undergoing a whole home renovation you have the flexibility to upgrade the roofline. A curved roofline will not only change the exterior architecture it will also impact interior ceilings and windows.

Traditional Exterior by Great Falls Architects & Building Designers James McDonald Associate Architects, PC

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