Spectacular Stairwells — Beautiful From Top to Bottom

As custom builders -- and artists at heart -- we feel it imperative to express how significant an impact a tasteful, charming stairwell can have on any home. Below you'll see some of the wonderful examples from Country Club Homes as viewed on the blogs recently, and without a doubt, these stairwells are beautiful from top to bottom.

This stairwell is one that we built for a homeowner, locally. Doesn't the statue at the bottom of the stairs harmoniously echo the curve of this graceful stairwell?

Photo: Country Club Homes, Inc.

We love to accentuate the details in a home, including the design of the stair railings. The metalwork by Les Métalliers Champenois is an example of great craftsmanship in bronze.

Photo: Veranda.com

Photo: Country Club Homes Inc.

Photo: Country Club Homes Inc.

And this spiral staircase in one of our homes still leaves us breathless.

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