Sunny Luxury in Fairfield County Bathroom Design

There are many ways to personalize your luxury bathroom design and make it your own -- from sunny windows, gorgeous colors, and fancy fixtures; to unique universal design shower enclosures designed and built by Country Club Homes, Inc

The look and feel of your Fairfield County, CT bathroom sanctuary is designed to help you relax; and provide you the opportunity to get away from the busyness of everyday life -- to a tranquil and quiet familiar place of refuge. Here are a few suggestions for making your bathroom, your own personal space.

Sunny Windows: Big, bright bathrooms with a glass expanse allowing in the scenery and sun – does that fit your Country-Club-Homes-New-Canaan-CT-Fairfield-County-new-home-builder-remodeling-bathrooms-baths-3picture? Maybe you prefer louvered shutters to control the light (and give privacy). Or, a strategically placed skylight allows in maximum sun, with maximum privacy!

Choice of Fixtures: There are so many fixture designs, finishes and materials to choose from in the wide array of modern interior design styles. Do you like modern brushed chrome, elegant gold-tones brass or lovely brushed nickel?

Clean Feeling: One of the qualities of more expensive bath materials and fixtures is clean-ability. says, “…most high end bathrooms are created using materials such as marble, granite and porcelain. In addition to gleaming with a glossy shine, these surfaces are extremely easy to clean.”

Colors of Luxury: The soothing off-white, cream or pastel colors create the tranquil feel most popular in luxurious bathroom design. One way to add color is by selective designing in mosaic tile, window coverings, rugs, light fixtures and wall-mounted artwork.

Country-Club-Homes-New-Canaan-CT-Fairfield-County-new-home-builder-remodeling-bathrooms-bathsDo you like the look and feel of these lovely, one-of-a-kind bath spaces? Let us, Country Club Homes, Inc. help you design a gorgeous home -- from top to bottom.

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Images via the Country Club Homes Portfolio