The Art of Laying Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors look elegant and sophisticated in your home, but installing them requires careful attention to detail. At Country Club Homes, we recommend paying careful attention when choosing subfloor and hardwood flooring materials.
hardwood floor design ideas
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Choosing Sub-floor Materials

  • Plywood sub-floors are common in new construction, but you must be sure to choose the right thickness. As joist spacing increases, you need a thicker sub-floor.
  • Particleboard is never a good choice as a sub-floor for your hardwood construction. It's not sturdy enough to support the fasteners.
  • If your floor is currently constructed from solid wood, the easiest option may be to install the new floor directly on top of the old one. If using very thin flooring, you may need to install plywood on top of the old wood to prevent warping.
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Choosing Flooring Materials

  • Natural wood has a classic look, but you do have to give it time to adjust to the moisture levels in your home before installing it to prevent bowing.
  • Engineered wood is less moisture sensitive, and gives your home a modern, sophisticated appeal.

hardwood floor design ideas
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