The Basics of Green Building

Many people have become committed to lessening their impact on the environment when building a new home. We at Country Club Homes specialize in guiding you through the process of designing and building your home using the latest environmentally-friendly products and systems. Green home building does not mean you have to give up having a beautiful and elegant home.

Green eco-friendly homes

Building an environmentally-friendly home is easier than you would expect. The process begins with deciding where to place your home on your property so that you are taking advantage of the available sunlight. This is especially important if you are planning to install a solar energy system for your home that will lower your energy costs.

Building a green home entails using environmentally-friendly materials void of dangerous materials such as VOCs that are obtained from sources that are committed to sustainability. The advantage to using these products is that you will have better air quality in your home for your family.

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