Different Permit Considerations for Green Building

As you are planning which green home building amenities to include in your new custom home it's important to note that there may be different permitting requirements. Understanding these permit considerations before you begin keeps construction on track and helps avoid delays caused by improper permitting.

Permitting requirements will vary based on the locality in which you live, but there are some typical considerations for green home building. Generally, codes designed for green building address standards for air quality, building efficiency, waste reduction, storm water management, and water consumption. You should also be aware that in some locations there are limitations on where homes can be built in an effort to minimize the environmental impact. Make sure that the land you are building on is approved for the size, scale, and type of structure you are planning to build. Don't forget to also investigate the requirements for any demolition and waste that will be generated during the building process. Attending to all of these details will help ensure your home is built according to all local guidelines.

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