Think Outside the Box Shaped Room and Let in More Light

In custom home design its important to think outside of the box. We suggest getting creative with room shapes and home layout instead of relying on box-shaped rooms. A simple shift away from the standard square room allows more light to pour into the room and helps create an airy feel.

At Country Club Homes we understand the importance of breaking the definition of a standard box-shaped room. One of our recent projects featured a circular sitting room as part of the master bedroom. Every wall featured windows that allowed light to pour into the space.

In another home we added a nook to a dining room that elevated the room away from the simple box shape. This nook served dual purposes as it added more usable space and featured multiple large windows.

Even connected spaces can benefit from unique room shapes. In one of our custom home projects we created a unique shape to a loft area that also allows more light to enter the connected downstairs living area.

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