Tips for Financing a Fairfield County Home Remodeling Project: PART I

Country Club Homes, Inc. has been a leading Fairfield County custom home builder since 1955. We periodically share helpful tips and information with our online readers in an effort to educate people who may be considering remodeling their Fairfield County home.

It has been our pleasure over the years to work with many clients who have remodeled their homes. For our readers who are considering embarking on this exciting process of home remodeling for the first time, we offer the following tips about financing the project, based on an NAHB article entitled, "Financing Your Home Remodeling Project".

The common options for acquiring the necessary funding to complete a home improvement project include a home improvement loan, a home equity line of credit, a home equity loan (second mortgage), a cash-out refinancing of your current mortgage, and cash.By far the simplest method of financing the home improvement project is cash, in the event you have cash in savings to pay for the project. In order to determine if this is the best option, compare the interest rate that you would be charged by financing the project to the interest you could earn by investing these funds. The NAHB article adds, “Interest payments on a home improvement loan may be tax-deductible, while the expenses of a remodeling project paid for in cash cannot be written off. Crunch the numbers and meet with a financial adviser to determine whether paying in cash is best for your financial situation in the long run.”

Check out the article for more excellent pointers about the following four types of financing, and be sure to consult with your accountant and an attorney before making any contractual commitments.

  • Home Improvement Loan
  • Home Equity Line of Credit will vary from lender to lender.
  • Second Mortgage
  • Cash-Out Refinancing

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