Tips for Financing a Fairfield County Home Remodeling Project: PART II

As a follow-up to our recent post, 'Tips for Financing a Fairfield County Home Remodeling Project: PART I’, Fairfield County custom home builder Country Club Homes, Inc. offers additional tips on project financing to educate area residents who may be considering embarking on a home remodeling project.

Depending on the size of your project, a home remodeling project can be a large investment of time, energy and money. Today’s post concerns pre-project planning items, such as a project budget, contingency accounts, and extras cost items. These tips are from a recent helpful NAHB article entitled, "Financing Your Home Remodeling Project".

Here at Country Club Homes, Inc., we have found that having a project come in right “on budget”, or even under budget, is a very critical goal. There are a few ‘best practices’ to adopt to make sure your project is well organized, and on budget. These include:

Contingency Account: Plan to allocate approximately 80% of what you can afford for the remodeling, to the main project budget. Create a contingency account of 20% in reserve to cover changes and unforeseen problems. This is standard procedure across the construction industry, acknowledging that there are often unforeseen issues that impact the project before it is finished. The home owner needs to be well prepared for these contingencies.

Extra Costs/Revisions/Upgrades: It is important to remember that any costs such as changes or upgrades that are added after the construction contract is signed, will be considered extras. They will affect the overall budget and project timeline.

Scope of Work: It is very important to define the total scope of work, or full extent of the project, up front; and to stay focused on completing that work. Refraining from expanding the scope of work will protect the budget, and the project time line, as well.

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Image source: Country Club Homes Inc.