Turn Your Master Closet Into a Hidden Retreat

Its time to elevate the closet! In your home, the master closet should obviously serve as a space to hold your clothes, shoes, and accessories, but it can be so much more. Transforming your master closet into a hidden retreat simply requires a shift in perspective and a few functional upgrades.

Island in Master Closet

Source: Country Club Homes

Consider adding:

  • Natural light. Adding a window and bringing in more natural light is a simple way to upgrade your closet. If adding a window isn't possible, you could also enhance the lighting with an overhead solar tube or skylight in the closet.
  • Boutique shelving. Prominent shelving in the master closet allows you to display all of your shoes, bags, and accessories. Imagine your closet as a high-end boutique that you get to shop in each morning!
  • A center island. Center islands have become more common in the kitchen, but they are also a great addition to a highly-organized master closet. This center island can house drawers for accessories, shelves for shoes, and a hanging bar for smaller items. The top is perfect for jewelry stands, sculptures or photos.
Master Closet Design

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