What It’s Like to See Your Custom Home Built

One of the things we love about building custom homes in Fairfield County is seeing the excitement of the future homeowners as the house takes shape.  When you buy a home ready-built, not only do you relinquish control over custom features, but you don't get the thrill of anticipation when the dream home of your imagination goes up piece by piece before your eyes.
benefits of a custom built home
Traditional Exterior by Wilton Design-Build Firms Country Club Homes via Houzz

Foundation to Framing

Watching large equipment break ground is solid proof that an imagined design is on the verge of physical creation. Once the foundation is dug and cement poured,  next is framing the structure, which gives a rough, touchable idea of the layout of the finished home.  You can walk through this "skeleton" of your home and imagine the parties and quiet weekend mornings, you'll enjoy in the framed rooms.

Inner and Outer Workings

With rough framing complete, roofing and siding begins outside. On the inside, all the plumbing, electrical and HVAC components are being installed to create a cohesive and fully-functional home.  Seeing the interior workings of the home is an interesting education to the technologically-minded, and the sight of the finished exterior gives you the sense of what it will be like to come home to your custom house every day.  Also, we take pictures throughout your construction process so that you can appreciate the timeline of your renovation or new construction.

Insulation to Finishing Details

Installing insulation is followed by putting up drywall, which starts to give your interiors the sense of a completed home.  Perhaps the most exciting part is the finishing touches such as painting, flooring, lighting, millwork and installing custom counters. With each additional detail, it becomes less "construction project" and more "my future home."

Though navigating the decisions and scheduling of a custom home build can be stressful, the excitement of seeing your vision become reality more than makes up for it.  To learn about designing custom homes in Fairfield County, contact Country Club Homes.  Call us at 203-762-0550 or visit us at www.countryclubhomesinc.com.