Why You Should Consider Mezzanines for Your Custom Home

Wide, open spaces can make your home feel more luxurious, bright and airy. You don't need to necessarily add square footage to make your home feel more open, either. Just look up -- all of that vertical space can be honored and enjoyed by adding a mezzanine to your home design. Here's a look at several reasons to strongly consider this innovative housing trend:

Contemporary Living Room by Cabin John Home Builders Cabin John Builders

  • Mezzanines can be used in any room, not just a living room. We suggest creating a tall mezzanine to add an extra, air-borne bedroom to your home.
  • If you have always wanted a luxurious library in your home, a mezzanine is the perfect place to put it. We can help you design a ledge that wraps around the border of your tall living space, with bookshelves built right into the walls.
  • Feature a beautiful outdoors view with a mezzanine that includes large picture windows.
  • A well-planned living room mezzanine can serve as a comfy getaway for the kids during parties.


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