Winter Comfort: Radiant Heating in Your Custom Home

The official start of winter is just around the corner. For a more pleasant experience at home during the coldest months of the year, radiant heating is a cost-effective investment that feels like a wonderful luxury. Radiant heating systems integrate a series of pipes or wires beneath the floor. The experience of a chilly Connecticut morning feels very different when you wake up to the subtle warmth of radiant heating emanating from the floor.


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Radiant heating is most popular in bathrooms and bedrooms but can also be used throughout your home or on your sidewalks and driveway to help eliminate the need for shoveling snow and clearing ice.


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Radiant heating is efficient, consistent, and cost-effective. A radiant heating system delivers heat directly to where you need it in your home. It is far more efficient than forced air systems and HVAC designs because it eliminates wasted hot air. The heat generated by radiant flooring warms a house consistently and avoids the intermittent blasting of heat. Consistency provides greater comfort regardless of the weather. The excellent conductivity properties of radiant heating make it highly cost effective. Many homeowners have experienced reduced home heating costs after installing a radiant heating system.


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To learn more about radiant heat visit Energy.Gov.

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