A Private Sauna Provides the Ultimate Home Getaway


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Whether you install a pre-made sauna or choose to have Country Club Homes create a custom sauna for you, this addition can help transform your home into a private retreat. When you add a sauna to your home there are several important factors to consider:


Source: Country Club Homes

  • Materials   Cedar is the classic choice for a sauna because of its lovely scent, durability, and the fact it doesn't absorb the excess heat. Other soft wood varieties, such as hemlock and spruce, can also be used. Choose concrete, tile, or other durable floor coverings to prevent microbe growth.
  • Location   Most saunas are located inside a house, but you may choose to add one outdoors if you have limited interior space or you want to maximize the beauty of an outdoor space.
  • Heat Source   Traditionally, saunas use a wood burning or electric heat source to heat the air to between 160 and 190 degrees. A newer option is an infrared sauna that bypasses the air and conveys heat directly to the body.

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