Add a Secondary Sink in Your Kitchen to Ease Cooking and Cleanup

If you enjoy cooking or frequently entertain guests in your home, you might want to consider adding a secondary sink to your cooking area. A properly placed secondary sink can make a huge difference in your kitchen, giving you an additional area for food prep and post meal clean up that will transform both your kitchen's form and function. Consider your family's needs and your cooking preferences when choosing where to place the sink.

Source: Country Club Homes

We suggest adding a sink to your:

  • Baking center Perfect for avid bakers, a dedicated baking center allows you to keep your tools and ingredients within arm's reach. A sink makes clean up fast and helps contain the mess to one area.
  • Wet bar Whether the wet bar is on the patio or in the basement, an additional sink provides plenty of flexibility. It is perfect for post party clean up and allows you to quickly add water to cocktails.
  • Prep area When preparing that delicious meal, it is easier to have a second sink for rinsing off the fruit and vegetables before slicing and dicing.  If two of you like to work together, it provides an excellent work station for your partner.
  • Garden Center - For the avid gardener, a secondary sink can be the place where flowers are cut, vases filled and tools rinsed off.  A gardener's dream is to have such a work station.
  • Peninsula or Island Placing a secondary sink strategically in an island or peninsula extends the function of your kitchen and provides easier access to all countertops.

In addition to being functional, a secondary sink can add beauty to your kitchen.  Consider some of the decorative materials, such as hammered nickel or antique burnished copper to make your kitchen stand out and reflect your style!

Source: Country Club Homes

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