Add Space and Beauty to Your Home with a Bay Window

Source: Country Club Homes
A bay window is an interesting architectural detail that adds both space and beauty to a home. These windows vary greatly in size, scale, and location, but all will bring interest to a room and additional space to infuse your design style.

If you're embarking on a home remodeling project, consider adding a bay window. There are a variety of installations that can make an immediate impact in your custom home.

Source: Country Club Homes

  • Kitchen Built-in seating in a bay window is a great way to create a breakfast nook in a kitchen. Adding a table and several chairs on the opposite side will complete the area.
  • Master suite A bay window in the master suite adds both style and function. Consider placing a chaise or couch in the window, and adding curtains for a dramatic effect.
  • Sitting room Imagine the serenity of curling up on a window seat, and enjoying a good book in natural sunlight. Luxurious pillows and a well upholstered cushion can make this space remarkable.
bay window

Source: Country Club Homes

A bay window is an excellent addition to any custom home. Contact the professionals at Country Club Homes, Inc at  at 203-762-0550 or online at  at to discuss innovative home remodeling ideas.