An Innovative Ceiling Finish Can Add Style to Your Home

ceiling design

Source: Country Club Homes

While an ordinary ceiling will often go unnoticed, a stylish one will provide an aesthetic appeal, and complement the entire decor of a room.  Here are some innovative suggestions for adding some interest to your ceilings:


Gable Vault – A gable vault is a ceiling that is left somewhat exposed, which produces some dramatic results. In particular, the wooden beams can be finished, stained and a stippled plaster look applied to the area in between.

Tray Ceiling – Similar to a gable vault but with a more finished look, a tray ceiling adds height to a room and is often used to break up a large space into discrete areas.

Coffered Ceiling – For tall rooms that need to be made cozier, coffers offer an excellent option. They add visual interest to an otherwise flat surface, and can be finished in a variety of styles to reinforce the décor of the room.

coffered ceiling

Source: Country Club Homes

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