Are You Tired With the Stress of Home Maintenance? Try TotalCare of Wilton & New Canaan

Do you have challenging home maintenance problems that need attention immediately, but aren’t sure who to call? Our affiliate, TotalCare can help!  

TotalCare is a “one-stop shop” caretaker service with an experienced team of reliable, professional and competitively priced service providers who are available to help you with your home.  We identify any task which may require immediate attention, schedule services and oversee all the work done to your home.

Whether you are facing any of the following problems, TotalCare of Wilton & New Canaan, CT can provide solutions. Please ask yourself:

Are you still trying to complete an outdoor living area project that was started in May?

Are you dissatisfied with your landscaping services and now it’s consuming too much of your valued time?

Are you perplexed on who to call on those pesky maintenance issues around your home, such as, the damage done by a leak or the door that won’t close due to moisture?

TotalCare offers affordable home and property maintenance, emergency repairs, and renovation services; all coordinated for you by just one personal caretaker, who will supervise all services to your satisfaction. You prioritize the work, and receive an ‘all-in-one’ monthly bill. TotalCare gets the work done, providing 24/7 emergency and vacation services.

TotalCare is locally owned and operated and fully insured – with over 50 years of experience in the building industry. A sampling of the summer services we offer are:

  • Home Interior Maintenance:  Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, Painting, Plumbing, Electrical and other Handy-man Services.
  • Lawn & Garden Care and Maintenance:  Pools, Irrigation systems, Landscape Design and Lighting, and Flower Pots and Planters.
  • Exterior Home Maintenance:  Exterior Painting, Window Repair/Replacement/Window Washing, Rot Repairs, and Roofing.

Here’s what people are saying about TotalCare:

“…many times I found it impossible to get anyone to work on all the little things that went wrong with my home – particularly plumbing, electrical, and minor repairs. Total Care has changed all that for me. Not only do they offer to control every service my home needs (and some I did not think of), but with one phone call I quickly get whatever service I need, regardless of the how small a job it is. The work is fast, professional and fairly priced. I thank Total Care, and more importantly, my kids, thank Total Care.” John D., Wilton, CT

A full list of all of our services, categorized seasonally, is available at tcwilton.comA Country Club Homes, Inc. affiliate, TotalCare of Wilton & New Canaan coordinates all of the work to make your life easier and to give you more time to enjoy it.  If you would like more information, please call our Wilton, CT, TotalCare office at 203-210-7080.

Image Source: Country Club Homes, Inc