Choose the Right Fireplace Material to Make a Statement in Your Home

store fireplace

Source: Country Club Homes

A fireplace is a must in most New England homes. It provides warmth in the winter, serves as a design focal point and can anchor a room. Choosing the right material for the fireplace in your home is essential to ensure it matches both the home's architecture and your personal design style.

stone fireplace

Source: Country Club Homes

There are many popular choices for fireplace materials.

  • New England Field Stone is gathered from farms and fields located throughout New England.  When using a natural product that has been aged and weathered, it can only enhance the structure it adorns.  With its many natural colors, it blends well with any décor, whether it be modern or traditional.
  • Limestone fireplaces can be a stunning focal point to any room.  The stone is fairly inexpensive and is extremely durable.  It can be easily cut to the size and shape needed.  Limestone is a rather soft and porous material, so care is needed to prevent stains.  Also, certain preventions are needed to hinder the limestone from cracking from the heat of a real fire.  Applying a liquid sealant to the material during construction may stop this from happening.
  • Marble Slabs are a common way to add sophistication and beauty to fireplaces.  It is more expensive than other material such as brick, stone or concrete.  One advantage to a marble hearth is the fact that it is heat resistant.
marble fireplace

Source: Country Club Homes

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