Color Lovers Rejoice! Celebrating Unconventional Hues for Christmas

Red and green, the colors of holly berries and evergreens, are the expected hues for Christmas decorations since at least the Victorian era. And there’s comfort to be found in tradition, especially around the holidays. But if you’re yearning to try something new for your Christmas decor, there are several ways to experiment!




Navy, white, and silver together are a crisp alternative color palette that will complement the interior of a traditional home while bringing a fresh interpretation. Any shade of blue paired with white and sparkle infuses your home with the sense of a “winter wonderland.”



In a more modern living environment, an all white color palette is a creative choice. All white decorations make your home feel simple, fresh, and clean. With just a little sparkle, an all white color scheme is elegant and artistic.

Decorations inspired by nature give your home an organic feeling that evokes a warm hominess. Choose brown-hued and wood ornaments for your green tree and incorporate natural textures and found objects in your decorations such as burlap, pinecones, flowers, and branches.



There are many more combinations to choose from when you decide to try something new for the holidays. The key to approaching any color palette is giving yourself space and time to experiment and make adjustments, with the emphasis on enjoying the experience! Here's a fabulous unconventional color theme decorated by Bunny Williams: My Holiday Table with Bunny Williams.

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