Concrete Counters Can Work Well in a Traditional Home

Concrete counters, a hot new home design trend, are a great choice for a traditional home. Concrete provides homeowners and designers a wide range of options when choosing materials for a new home.

concrete countertop design ideas

Source: Country Club Homes Inc

Concrete counters work well in traditional home designs that feature a warm, earthy color palette. The countertops are often tinted to have a warm green or brown color. Plus they may take on the look of natural stone. They provide a warm alternative to the formal look of granite or quartz countertops. Another benefit of concrete counters in a traditional home is their versatility. A homeowner can choose to embed tiles or metallic pieces in the concrete, create a veined look during the pouring process, or match the counter's color to a fabric or paint sample.

concrete ccountertops in a traditional home

Source: Country Club Homes Inc

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