Cool Neutral: Charcoal Gray Interiors

Gray has become an interesting and sophisticated alternative to beige as a reliable neutral in recent years. Gray is a chameleon-like color that can look modern or traditional depending on the layout, lighting and overall design of a space. Darker grays in particular convey a cool elegance that is the perfect backdrop for experimenting with accent colors and patterns.


Image Credit: Erica Peale

Gray is the ultimate partner for strong contrasting shades. It can hold its own against the brightest furnishings and accessories. Some of the most exciting design combinations pair charcoal gray with vivid hues of yellow, red, green and even pink! Signaling its valued versatility, gray works equally well partnered with other neutral shades such as black, lighter shades of gray, and white, for a look that conveys soft sophistication.


Image Credit: Fiddlehead Design Group

Darker colors typically make a room feel more intimate, a desirable attribute in a bedroom or dining room. Sometimes, just one wall of a strong color is all that is needed in a space. If you’re hesitant about choosing a strong shade, starting with a powder room is one way to experiment with charcoal gray in your home. Charcoal gray is a lovely way to highlight architectural details in a home, especially when paired with crisp white. The contrast brings attention to elements that might otherwise be less prominent.


Image Credit: Olson Design Build

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