Create a Custom Craft Room

Creating a custom craft room in your house is an excellent way to enhance your home's design, while providing a functional space for the work you love. A properly appointed craft room is about more than just choosing the right furniture, it's about creating the perfect space that reflects your design style.

Source: Houzz

Maximize storage with built ins - Built in shelves, cubbies and cabinets provide the room with both essential storage and design. Create a truly custom look by matching the built-ins' design to the room's trim, floor and paint colors. 

  • Align the design to your crafting needs - Before you finalize your craft room plans, take inventory and ensure the space fits your needs. Mentally walk through an upcoming craft project to determine whether or not the space will work.
  • Utilize wasted space - Find ways to utilize space that is typically wasted. Hang shelves above the interior closet door, install window seats with storage and invest in vertical shelving that fits between windows.

Source: Houzz

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