Design an Automated Media Room in Your Home

Adding a dedicated media room is popular among today's home renovation projects. Homeowners like the idea of having a room created solely for enjoying theater-style entertainment. With everything skillfully designed and elements functioning harmoniously, a media room is the perfect escape.

building the perfect movie room

Source: Country Club Homes

Comfort Beyond Theater Seating

Some people prefer rows of comfortable reclining chairs arranged like movie theater seating. Others want a room that functions as both a living space and entertainment hub. No matter the preference, it's important to ensure the space is comfortable and accommodating.

Designed for Sound

A rectangular shape is best of acoustics. Installing sound dampening floors and walls is paramount to achieving the perfect setting. Wooden paneling in a media room is beautiful and possible with proper soundproofing practices.

Staying Connected

Various elements including lights, sound, movie screen and temperature controls involve pressing many buttons. This is an easily accomplished task with an innovative universal remote that gives the homeowner access to everything in one convenient location.
designing the perfect media room
Transitional Media Room by Dallas Home Builders Ellen Grasso & Sons, LLC via Houzz
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