Design that Shines: Metallic Elements in Your Home

The sheen of metallic elements is particularly evocative of warm and welcoming glamour in your home during the autumn months. Metallics present themselves in copper, gold, bronze, silver, brass and rose gold hues, each with its own unique characteristic to add to your decor. When decorating with metallics, it’s essential to choose your hues carefully and practice restraint in how much you use and where.


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Accessories are a great place to start when you’re unsure about how to incorporate metallic features in your home. A bold, oversized mirror or frame with a metallic border instantly changes the mood of a room.


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Lighting is a natural place to discover how metallics add glowing appeal to a space. Copper and brass lighting elements, many inspired by iconic vintage pieces, have made a strong comeback in recent years. Light intensifies the impact of metallic elements, with the effect changing in unexpected ways depending on the surroundings and time of day.

Selecting a small piece of furniture also works as a creative way to bring metallics into your home. A dainty end table or sleek coffee table with a gleaming finish lends a note of glam to any environment.


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Don’t forget to mix it up when experimenting with metallic elements. Pairing metals with woods and other natural and organic materials is a sophisticated look with a fresh, modern feel.

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